Commercial Vans

A Cargo Van, or CV, also known as Panel Vans, is a type of commercial truck that can also be found by searching delivery van, passenger van, and bus. Typically characterized by a metal frame instead of glass windows, these cargo vans are commonly used for repair vehicles and other commercial services.  Cargo vans, sometimes referred to as commercial vans, are used in the commercial field. They do not have seats in the back of the vehicle because they are used for hauling or commercial transportation. As of 2010 there are four different types of Cargo vans available in the U.S. the most popular being the Ford E series. Throughout the years manufacturers have kept the same basic design, however the vans specifications have evolved with the technology.

Cargo Vans
Cutaway Vans
Express Vans
Box Vans
Utility Body Vans
Passenger Vans

Examples of Industries & Business’ that commonly use Commercial Passenger Vans & Commercial Cargo Vans:

Plumber Vans                     HVAC Vans
Church Buses                    School Buses
Refrigerated Vans             Delivery Vans
Moving Vans                       Reefer Vans
Passenger Vans               Wheelchair Accessible Vans
Work Vans                          Recreational Vehicles
Shuttle Vans                       Step Vans

Some of the common add-ons and accessories added to Fleet Vans are as follow:

Ladder Racks                      Utility Shelves
Bin Storage                          Modular Storage
Rooftop Carriers                 Form & Book Racks
Door & Storage Trays        Small Parts Storage